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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mid-week Memory Keepers

By Mary Langford
I’m happy when Wednesday comes every week.
If you wonder why, I’ll give you a peek.
That’s when I meet with my Life Writing class,
Not an experience I willingly pass.
I love to hear my classmates’ stories,
As they tell of their failures and their glories.
In the midst of great losses, we hear Annie’s attitude
Of trust in God, of hope and gratitude.
We’re amazed at all of the roles Vi has filled
And through it all, her enthusiasm hasn’t been stilled.
Then Carol, transplanted by a south’ner’s charm,
"Flew" in church and "cussed" when she broke her arm.
Lorene’s stories are of family history,
And her typing tip helped to solve a mystery.
Then there’s Flossie, cheerful and full of fun.
If you want to talk library, she’s the one.
Praise for self-expression was vital to Colleen,
And she’s ready to fight for her hero Gene.
Paul makes it easy to know which twin is which,
‘Cause he was born a "saint" and she was born a "witch."
Helen has received many awards in her career,
But it is her husband and family she holds most dear.
Harriet, also a twin, has walked us through her schools.
She managed to meet Bill Daly, in spite of all the rules.
Imelda’s life is a mosaic with its stones of many hues,
She sees each life event as something God can use.
And who is busier than Edith Matte, our classmate,
Who has daughters, grandchildren, church and e-bay on her plate?
There’s Beverly from New Orleans– athlete and banker.
She tells it like it is. Our class has no one franker.
Mac writes of when his chances of survival were quite slim.
We all believe, no doubt, Someone’s been watching over him.
Linda’s Air Force adventures we all love to hear,
And her school bus story took us back across the years.
Then there’s me writing weekly of places I’ve called home,
Of my favorite relatives and people I have known
But where would we all be without our leader?
No other class has one to beat her!
She shares her own stories, makes sure that we know
About concerts, exhibits and the latest good show.
And whether our writing is hum-drum or fancy,
We can always count on a good word from Nancy!

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